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Your Coworking and Coliving Space in Cambodia.

A productive work space with fast internet and accommodation.

We are offering location independent professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs a home in Cambodia.

See the temples, meet the people and get things done with our 4G SIM card on arrival, transports and full 24 access to our productive work space with international quality internet when you book our all-inclusive digital nomad package.

Read our reviews on Facebook, Coworker and what others have to say on about Siem Reap for Digital Nomads on Forbes, Fast Company.

Story of our creation on the trending platform Steemit.

Get things done!

A vibrant professional community in a perfect location. Use our office, meeting rooms and coworking space in Siem Reap, get things done and unleash your true potential.

Sharing knowledge

First Coworking Space with a Purpose in Siem Reap, AngkorHUB organize training, workshops and incubation. Get free access to our coworking space when you share thru a workshop or volunteering with us. Contact Us for more info


We incubate business opportunities that have the potential to make a sustainable social impact along with profitable long term growth.

Find out more about our incubation program

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We have 50 Mbps dedicated Internet with SINET

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