Coliving and coworking space in Siem Reap - AngkorHUB
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Coliving in Siem Reap for Digital Nomads

What we cherish in the word Coliving is the prefix Co. Co for Community. Co for Cosmopolitanism. Co for Connections. Our guests are not hotel customers but roommates who seem to know each other for years. This is what Coliving means for us.


All our HUBbers (Colivers and coworkers) eat together at lunch and those interested go out for dinner and a few drinks at night. You are likely to meet amazing and skilled people. Some of them can convert into business partners and/or close friends. Take the example of Jeff, AngkorHUB’s founder. Four years ago, he met a British guy named Jon at AngkorHUB. They started to chat and to the best of our knowledge, this conversation is far from coming to a conclusion. Jon is now Jeff’s business partner in an IT company and they are planning to write a book together.



If you share our philosophy, take a look below and join us at AngkorHUB!

Top pick in Siem Reap – Coliving for digital nomads

Conveniently located in world famous Siem Reap, just minutes walking from Angkor Night Market and a bicycle or tuk-tuk ride away from the beautiful Angkor Wat Temple, at AngkorHUB we offer accommodation in a private or a shared room with A/C, hot shower and full access to our high speed wifi and our coworking space.

Our weekly premier and monthly packages include a western breakfast and an authentic Khmer communal lunch; perfect for networking and making new friends! It also includes top-class local laundry service and bicycle access.

We have a spacious green area, hammocks, and a frisbee.  As a guest you can be part of our weekly pop-up bar, spontaneous movie nights, educational lectures and group vocational tutorials.

Spas, meditations centers, and pubs are within 5 and 15 minutes walking distance. We are the first coworking and coliving space in Siem Reap and will be very happy to have you with us.

Your office space with a bed as an amenity.

We are not a guesthouse but a coliving space for entrepreneurs serious about bringing their business to the next level with other location independent professionals.

For business bootstrapping and incubation services check-out our .

Stay with us

  • Weekly Basics

  • $199Private
  • $99Shared


    Accommodation, 24/7 use of the coworking space, SIM card on arrival, Unlimited coffee and filtered water, Use of bicycles, Roundtrip airport transfers

  • Weekly Premier

  • $219Private
  • $119Shared


    Everything from the basic package + breakfast & lunch six days a week (Monday to Saturday) and laundry!

  • Monthly Premier

  • $799Private
  • $449Shared


    Everything from the Premier Package, but cheaper 

Facilities and inclusions 

  • Two awesome meals per day and laundry (premier plan, except Sundays)
  • 4G SIM card on arrival (1Gb/week)
  • Airport/bus station transfers (A/R)
  • A/C and hot shower

  • Unlimited hot beverages and filtered water (premier plan only)
  • Skype room
  • Garden
  • Chill Bungalow (destroyed by a tree)
  • Hammocks

  • 24/7 access to the coworking space
  • Social activities and workshops
  • Bikes
  • Kitchen
  • Parking


Everything from the Premier Monthly 

+ Private Think-Tank Group

+ Website Growth and Conversion Assistance

+ Networking

+ Advice from a VC and CTO

+ A trip to Phnom Penh.

AngkorHub is a beautiful and really really amazing place to stay and work (perfect WiFi). I ended up staying 5 months...

Posted by Nadine Sunshine on Saturday, April 7, 2018

This was my 1st experience with coworking&coliving and I was totally amazed. It felt like home away from home, so...

Posted by Nela Smržová on Sunday, January 28, 2018