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Top pick in Siem Reap – Coliving for digital nomads


Conveniently located in world famous Siem Reap, just minutes walking from Angkor Night Market and a bicycle or tuk tuk ride away from the beautiful Angkor Wat Temple, at AngkorHUB we offer accommodation in a private or a shared room with A/C, hot shower and full access to our high speed wifi and our coworking space.


Our weekly and monthly packages include a western breakfast and an authentic Khmer communal lunch; perfect for networking and making new friends! It also includes top-class local laundry service and bicycle access.


We have a spacious green area, pool table, hammocks and frisbee 🙂


As a guest you can be part of our weekly pop-up bar, spontaneous movie nights, educational lectures and group vocational tutorials.


Spas, meditations centers and pubs are within 5 and 15 minutes walking distance.


We are the first coworking and coliving space in Siem Reap and will be very happy to have you with us.

Our rooms


$96 per week

$448 $352 per month


$174 per week

$812 $638 per month

What our guests say

Echoing the reviews below; I stayed at AngkorHUB for a week. I had to work at night and early morning (US hours) and I had complete flexibility. The room upstairs was big, comfortable, great aircon, and no TV, which I thought was great as it allowed me to either focus on work or go out and enjoy Cambodia. Jeff and the team are super helpful, the food was great, the wifi was 100% reliable, fast, and consistent (my biggest worry traveling to Cambodia). They introduced me to my tuk tuk driver Sovuth, the best guide you could hope for in Siem Reap.
I had an absolutely fantastic time, got more work done than I ever expected, and I will *definitely* return next time I'm in Siem Reap. Thanks, AngkorHUB!!

Casey Hare

The location is superb! I enjoyed my time at AngkorHub. The internet was fast (40+ Mbps) and the people friendly. If you want to save the hassle of finding accommodation and settling in Siem Reap, AngkorHub can be a great place to live for the private room, including your co-working fee and two meals. Printing was easy too. Home cooked food was tasty. They were very accommodating, always took the time to cook separate vegetarian dishes if the food was not vegetarian that day.

Meiyi Come Vida

I stayed at the Hub for one week and it was awesome. Fast internet, laid back environment, great food. Jeff and Samdy are super cool, and so were the people that were staying and that came by to work during the day. Thanks AngkorHub!

Eric Lind

Facilities and inclusions 

  • two meals per day
  • unlimited hot beverages and filtered water
  • laundry service
  • 4G SIM card on arrival
  • Airport/bus station transfers
  • Bedrooms with A/C and hot shower
  • Full access to our high speed wifi and our coworking space
  • Social activities and workshops
  • Bikes

  • Skype room
  • Balcony
  • Pool table
  • Garden
  • Chill Bungalow
  • Hammocks
  • Kitchen
  • Parking
  • Frisbee

Stay with us


$16 per night

$112 $96 per week

$448 $352 per month


$29 per night

$203 $174 per week

$812 $638 per month

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