Packed a bag, full of dreams, traveling the world, armed with your laptop and skills.

Only weeks/months from setting off do you find productivity is proving a rollercoaster ride

Behind the glamorous social media posts of #digitalnomad

The lack of proper information when traveling in Asia is omnipresent, visa issues, WiFi connectivity and being disconnected from a tribe are only a few of the difficulties that digital nomads can expect arriving in a country.

The underestimated productivity cost of being location independent

The truth is, as much as we love to hack and hustle our way around when arriving in a new country, the real jet lag is the productivity lag. Finding the best provider between 10 stalls of “tourists sim cards”, avoiding taxi scams (thanks to ride-hailing apps) or screening hundred of reviews on accommodation booking sites to read about the Wi-Fi situation.

Sound familiar? There has to be a more productive way, right?

The Nomadic Dream?

After quitting everything in 2013 and looking for the nomadic dream, AngkorHUB’s founder Jeff Laflamme spent over 5 years in Cambodia understanding the business and professional ecosystem as well as becoming a strong advocate for climate change, plastic reduction, and social innovation, believing we can use technology for change.

With the need of being productive, he created a space to support achievers reaching their goals, the best of Siem Reap for digital nomads and professionals to focus on their work in a transient touristic destination, away from the usual struggles when arriving at a new destination, while being able to empower local communities by sharing skills and passion.

AngkorHUB was born, providing a productive space for changemakers and achievers.

Imagine you could merge Uber, Airbnb and a productive coworking space on arrival and ditch the productivity lag?

A driver waits for you at the airport with your sim card. 30 minutes later, you are meeting your productivity hosts showing your office, a comfortable room and a community eager to learn.


Do more, worry less.

Lovely healthy breakfast as you would eat at home, family-style lunch with vegetarian-friendly Cambodian meals, unlimited great coffee, tea and filtered water.  Hey, even your laundry is sorted. This has already convinced hundreds of online entrepreneurs seeking to achieve more by spending their time where it makes sense. AngkorHUB as their achievement provider.

Coliving at AngkorHUB

All-inclusive accommodation with a coworking space at your feet.
  • Private (queen bed) or shared room (4 beds) with A/C and hot shower
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Two awesome vegetarian meals per day
  • Breakfast like home, toasts, eggs, muesli, yogourt and good bread.
  • Family-style lunch (vegetarian, loved by carnivores)
  • Laundry (5kg/week/max)
  • 4G SIM card on arrival (1Gb/week)
  • Airport/bus station transfers (A/R)
  • Unlimited ☕️hot beverages and filtered water
  • Skype room access (2h/day)
  • Garden & hammocks
  • Stable 220v electricity with a backup generator
  • 24/7 access to AngkorHUB Coworking Space (150 Mbps)
  • Social activities and workshops
  • Bikes
  • Kitchen
  • Parking

Find a room at AngkorHUB

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Apartments & Luxury Villas with Good Internet

Need more privacy or bigger places? We have few options in Siem Reap
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