Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I print a document (eg: flight confirmation, visa paperwork)?

A. Due to a lot of abuse, we no longer offer printing or computer rental services on site. However, we are happy to recommend local businesses (within walking distance) that can assist you with these needs. Just ask!


Q. Can I make international calls?

A. We do not offer this service, but you can make with your own with your computer via Skype and other services. We even have a dedicated Skype room which you can reserve if you need a quiet and private area to make your call. It has the same incredibly strong WiFi that we use in our main coworking space.


Q. Is the place safe?

A. Absolutely! Unlike working from a cafe or public area, when you’re here you can go lunch, dinner, restroom, etc without worrying about the safety of your belongings.


Q. I need really fast Internet…I work online!

A. Cool, that’s exactly what we are designed for…so we gotcha covered! We have 150 Mbps dedicated (we share resources) internet – the fastest available in Siem Reap.


Q. Does that mean all cloud services will be fast?

A. Dropbox is slow in Cambodia no matter where you are or what strength connection you have, but uploading to G-drive or YouTube is super fast. It depends which service you are using and where their servers are located.


Q. Is the Skype Room sponsored by Skype?

A. No, it simply means you can make your calls there. It is a quiet and private room which you are able to reserve ahead of time.


Q. I have an important meeting and I need a private place for 3 hours; I don’t need coworking.

A. No problem. We have a private meeting room which you can reserve for 5 USD/hour.


Q. I am an online English teacher; can I teach my classes in the coworking space?

A. Since we pride ourselves in offering an environment which is conducive to getting work done, we can’t allow that because it would potentially impact the work of our other guests. We suggest that you book a private room in our coliving space; you will have access to strong wifi in your room, as well as the privacy you need in order to give your lessons.


Q. Is the facility quiet?

A. We have a respectful environment and our coworking space has one rule of conduct – the “headphone rule”- to prevent you from being interrupted when you are deep in thought. Please note that we are in a tropical environment, so if you venture outdoors you are likely to hear birds, geckos and cats scurrying about.


Q. Can we put twin beds in the private rooms?

A. No, we only have queen sized bed in the private rooms


Q. Is the internet speed the same in the Coworking Space and in the bedrooms?

A. Yes. The internet speed is the same. The bedrooms are located just above our coworking space.

AngkorHUB Coworking & Coliving

An Important Message From AngkorHUB


Due to COVID19 virus outbreak, we are supporting social distancing.

Unfortunately, this means we are pausing our usual coworking and coliving services.


The pandemic has caused offices, schools and universities to close in many parts of the world, and we see this move at AngkorHUB as the responsible thing to do. We should not be creating yet another gathering space where the virus can be easily spread with short-stay frequent travellers. 


We were taking all precautions at AngkorHUB – providing alcohol solution for coworkers to clean their hands; our in-house cleaner was also very thorough every morning before the start of each day - especially work surfaces, door handles etc, but for now - the right thing to do is to hit pause.


All is not lost, we are still very much connected with our virtual community and would like to extend our help if anybody is seeking advice for how to keep working remotely during this time.


If you are a remote worker and need information about how to keep doing your thing, let us know about your challenges - talk with a member of our staff using the chat feature on the website and let’s discuss.


PS. This is far from the end for AngkorHUB. In the face of any challenge, we will always evolve. It is our nature! If you are reading this, there’s a good chance we are one in the same.


We are sorry for any inconvenience, we thank you for your understanding and wish you all the very best of health from the heart of Siem Reap, Cambodia.


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