Includes two meals per day, laundry service and unlimited hot and cold drinks among other perks. We pick you up at the airport with a 4G ready sim card.

Super Fast Internet, Skype room, hammocks and Angkor Wat!

We are located 400m from Pub Street on Angkor Night Market Street. Angkor Wat is just 6km away!

An much better option over noisy cafés and the solitude of an hotel room.

Experience coworking in Siem Reap. An inspiring environment where you can meet freelancers, location independent and other skilled processionals while getting things done. Get advice, contacts and opportunities.

  • Features

    • Drop-in Mon-Sat 8am-6pm
    • 24/7 for members
    • Make amazing contacts
    • Fast Fiber Internet (150Mbps) with 4G backup.
    • Skype Room (inside)
    • Air conditioned space with comfortable chairs

  • Focus on your work

    • International power outlets + USB chargers
    • Backup Power
    • Amazing location
    • Green garden with banana & coconut trees (and a frisbee)
    • Hammocks
    • A lovely cat named Tyler

Perfect coworking spot for digital nomads. This is the type of coworking space I prefer the most. ‘’A place in quiet...

Posted by Zeynep Gabralı on Monday, April 23, 2018

•Connecting the talent people from different places, backgrounds, fields, bringing greats ideas to serve the world...

Posted by Meng Heang on Thursday, July 5, 2018
[qode_pricing_tables columns=”two_columns”][qode_pricing_table title=”Monthly Membership” title_tag_standard=”” show_button=”yes” active=”no” price=”89″ currency=”USD” price_period=”Month” button_text=”JOIN US!” link=”https://angkorhub.com/contact/”][/qode_pricing_table][qode_pricing_table title=”Weekly Membership” title_tag_standard=”” show_button=”yes” active=”no” price=”25″ currency=”USD” price_period=”Weelky” button_text=”JOIN US!” link=”https://angkorhub.com/contact/”][/qode_pricing_table][/qode_pricing_tables]

Plan to stay more than a few days? Check out our all-inclusive offer!

In addition to the coworking membership, we offer sim card on arrival, food and airport pickup
Here’s the specifics:

Sim Card on arrival : Don’t want to spend days looking for the best sim card provider ?  Don”t worry. We are there for you .We provide you with a sim card on arrival  to get you connected and productive  immediately.

Breakfasts and lunches 6-days a week : join our vibrant and amazing community  for breakfast and lunch. Enjoy hearthy breakfasts (omelette, scrambed eggs, toasts etc with milk, cofee or tea) and gather with other coworkers for lunch around the delicious dishes prepared by our super cook.

Airport Pick-up :  we call you a tuk-tuk on arrival avoiding you to have to negociate the price of the run to the city or try to explain where you want to go.  We ask a lovely tuk-tuk driver to  pick you up at the airport and drive you to AngkorHUB or to the place you’re staying in !

Additional feature: thanks to our five-years experience in Siem Reap and to the network we developed in the city, we can also help you find the perfect place to stay during your time with us. Just reach out on the live chat and we will take care of everything!

[qode_pricing_tables columns=”two_columns”][qode_pricing_table title=”Monthly All-Inclusive” title_tag_standard=”” show_button=”yes” active=”no” price=”206″ currency=”USD” price_period=”Month” button_text=”JOIN US!” link=”/contact/”]Our Monthly All-Inclusive Package includes Breakfasts and Lunches six-days a week + Airport Pickup + Sim Card on arrival[/qode_pricing_table][qode_pricing_table title=”Weekly All-Inclusive” title_tag_standard=”” show_button=”yes” active=”no” price=”59″ currency=”USD” price_period=”Week” button_text=”JOIN US!” link=”/contact/”]Our Weekly All-Inclusive Package includes Breakfasts and Lunches six-days a week + Airport Pickup+ Sim Card on arrival[/qode_pricing_table][/qode_pricing_tables]
Need a meeting space? We have options for private offices, meeting & conference rooms in Siem Reap.
AngkorHUB Coworking & Coliving

An Important Message From AngkorHUB


Due to COVID19 virus outbreak, we are supporting social distancing.

Unfortunately, this means we are pausing our usual coworking and coliving services.


The pandemic has caused offices, schools and universities to close in many parts of the world, and we see this move at AngkorHUB as the responsible thing to do. We should not be creating yet another gathering space where the virus can be easily spread with short-stay frequent travellers. 


We were taking all precautions at AngkorHUB – providing alcohol solution for coworkers to clean their hands; our in-house cleaner was also very thorough every morning before the start of each day - especially work surfaces, door handles etc, but for now - the right thing to do is to hit pause.


All is not lost, we are still very much connected with our virtual community and would like to extend our help if anybody is seeking advice for how to keep working remotely during this time.


If you are a remote worker and need information about how to keep doing your thing, let us know about your challenges - talk with a member of our staff using the chat feature on the website and let’s discuss.


PS. This is far from the end for AngkorHUB. In the face of any challenge, we will always evolve. It is our nature! If you are reading this, there’s a good chance we are one in the same.


We are sorry for any inconvenience, we thank you for your understanding and wish you all the very best of health from the heart of Siem Reap, Cambodia.


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