Coworking Space in Siem Reap - AngkorHUB
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Coworking Space



Includes two meals per day, laundry service and unlimited hot and cold drinks among other perks. We pick you up at the airport with a 4G ready sim card.

Super Fast Internet, Skype room, hammocks and Angkor Wat!

We are located 400m from Pub Street on Angkor Night Market Street. Angkor Wat is just 6km away!

An much better option over noisy cafés and the solitude of an hotel room.

Experience coworking in Siem Reap.

An inspiring environment where you can meet freelancers, location independent and other skilled processionals while getting things done.

Get advice, contacts and opportunities.

  • Features

    • Drop-in Mon-Sat 8am-6pm
    • 24/7 for members
    • Make amazing contacts
    • Fast Fiber Internet (150Mbps) with 4G backup.
    • Skype Room (inside)
    • Air conditioned office with comfortable chairs

  • Focus on your work

    • International power outlets + USB chargers
    • Backup Power
    • Amazing location
    • Green garden with banana & coconut trees (and a frisbee)
    • Hammocks
    • A lovely cat named Tyler


Q. Can I print a document (eg.: flights confirmation, Vietnamese visa) ?
A. No, due to a lot of abuse we DO NOT offer printing or computer rental service

P.S You don’t need to print your e-ticket for flying out the airport, just go at the airport with your passport.

Q. Do you rent computers ?
A. We do not offer this service anymore

Q. Can I make international calls ?
A. We do not offer this service, but you can make with your own computer and Skype like services.

Q. Is it safe?
A. Absolutely! You can go lunch, dinner, toilet without worrying about your belongings

Q. I need really fast Internet, I work online !
A. We gotcha! We have 150 Mbps dedicated (we share resources) internet, the fastest available in Siem Reap!

Q. Does it mean all cloud services will be fast?
A. Dropbox is slow in Cambodia, but uploading to gdrive or youtube is super fast. It depends which service and where they are located.

Q. Is the Skype Room sponsored by Skype
A. No it simply means you can make your calls there.

Q. I have an important meeting and I need a private place for 3h I don’t need coworking.
A. No problem, we charge 5 USD per extra hour outside the included hour.

Q. Is the Skype Hut soundproof?
A. It is a wooden hut with hammocks outside, with birds and cats

Q. I am an English teacher, can I just teach at loud in the middle of the space.
A. No, that is not possible/sustainable

Need a meeting space?
We have options for private offices, meeting & conference rooms
in Siem Reap.