We are a community in Siem Reap formed by locals and internationals driven to make a positive social impact with our ideas and businesses. Therefore, we continuously collaborate with one another in order to improve our processes and outcomes. By organizing a workshop or talk at AngkorHUB you get free access to the coworking space by an agreed period of time, as well as online and offline exposure.


How can you actually help the community?

You can become a mentor in both technical and/or practical fields with a focus in either soft or hard skills. Create a workshop and talk about your area of expertise and current driver in a motivational and inspirational speech. In other words make a difference in your own way!

Our staff will assist you with the planning and implementation of the workshop/talk.

Still hesitating? Here’s someting that may convince you. In addition to making a difference in Cambodia and getting a free access to our coworking space

you will also beneficiate from a tremendous networking opportunity thanks to the Digital Nomads working on their projects in AngkorHUB. You will get the chance to promote your project, defend a cause, make trials, get valuable feedback and make connections.

Finally, we are also in the process of creating AngkorHUB Academy. It aims at reducing the skills and wage gap in Cambodia  by providing a free quality education to everyone. If you want to get involved (creating contents, give us valuable feedback…) click here!

What our coworkers say

AngkorHub is a great place for knowledge sharing & bouncing off ideas. We did 3 workshops on marketing & design and had people from all sorts of backgrounds joining us. From online teachers to non-profits and entrepreneurs, they were all there. AngkorHub also does a great job of promoting these workshops in Siem Reap to get the most of the sessions.

Nishchal from The Remote Life

Start working with us!

Our process is really simple and quick. You just have to fill out the small form at the end of the page. First, tell us what you would like to share with the community. Then give us sometime to answer your proposal. Finally, after a few days, we will go back to you to arrange the specifics of our collaboration.

We are the first coworking  space in Siem Reap and the only one with social purpose. We’ll be thrilled to do some valuable work with you!


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AngkorHUB Coworking & Coliving

An Important Message From AngkorHUB


Due to COVID19 virus outbreak, we are supporting social distancing.

Unfortunately, this means we are pausing our usual coworking and coliving services.


The pandemic has caused offices, schools and universities to close in many parts of the world, and we see this move at AngkorHUB as the responsible thing to do. We should not be creating yet another gathering space where the virus can be easily spread with short-stay frequent travellers. 


We were taking all precautions at AngkorHUB – providing alcohol solution for coworkers to clean their hands; our in-house cleaner was also very thorough every morning before the start of each day - especially work surfaces, door handles etc, but for now - the right thing to do is to hit pause.


All is not lost, we are still very much connected with our virtual community and would like to extend our help if anybody is seeking advice for how to keep working remotely during this time.


If you are a remote worker and need information about how to keep doing your thing, let us know about your challenges - talk with a member of our staff using the chat feature on the website and let’s discuss.


PS. This is far from the end for AngkorHUB. In the face of any challenge, we will always evolve. It is our nature! If you are reading this, there’s a good chance we are one in the same.


We are sorry for any inconvenience, we thank you for your understanding and wish you all the very best of health from the heart of Siem Reap, Cambodia.


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