Incubation and social innovation - AngkorHUB
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Incubation and social innovation

AngkorHUB serves a socially responsible launching pad for future business leaders of Cambodia. Our vision is incubating businesses with great potential through their early stages. These projects are selected from entrepreneurs who want to be part of the Cambodian growth story.


The country has a growing economy, a young, eager workforce and a slowly expanding presence in the ASEAN nations. Here we provide mentoring, workshops and tutorials, and a symbiotic knowledgeable community of professional individuals with unique vision. Through our partnership with SEA Ventures, we offer inter-connectivity producing opportunities for further growth and job creation.


We are an all inclusive organization. So we can help whether you are a bootstrapping entrepreneur, digital nomad looking for a short/long term base or a startup based in other ASEAN nations seeking more affordable, less constricting organizational and registration procedures.

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