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The WordPress Clinics

How to create and run websites and blogs for yourself and for others

WordPress is the world’s best and most popular web publishing platform.  If you want a successful business online, it’s essential to know how WordPress works, and how to use it.

In these WordPress clinics, we’ll show you all you need to get going right away.  You’ll learn how to publish content (aka blog posts or static pages), engage an audience, design and customize a site, and even install and set-up sites for yourself or others.

Next Session : October 1st 2015 3pm-5pm

Clinic #1

Become a WordPress Blogger, Content Editor

Thursday Oct 1st – 3pm to 5pm by Jeff Laflamme

Clinic #2

Install and Setup WordPress Sites (for yourself and others)

Tuesday Oct 6th -3pm to 5pm by Jeff Laflamme

Clinic #3

Design and Customize Your Site

Thursday Oct 8th -3pm to 5pm by Jeff Laflamme

Special Event

Good Morning WordPress 

Light Breakfast with tea/coffee/croissants WordPress Coworking

Friday Oct 9th 9am-12pm

WordPress Coworking session, learn and work together and be a founding member of the WordPress User Group of Siem Reap.

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  • All the clinics

    Pricing for the 3 clinics (Oct 1, 6 & 8 from 3pm to 5pm)

    65 dollars
  • Early Bird

    Promotional rate before October 1st

    39 dollars
  • Good Morning WordPress

    Coffee/Tea/Coworking & Croissants 🙂

    5 dollars

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