An Unconventional Digital Nomad

When most people hear the term “digital nomad”, they picture a raggedy millennial sitting on the beach with a laptop and a mojito. They can’t really be blamed for conjuring up that image, of course, because that’s exactly what the media portrays this group of people to be. Yet like with just about everything else in life, there’s far more to it than what meets the eye.


Meet Tammy Perry - a Canadian digital nomad...and the mother of 3 millennials. After a few decades in the corporate world, she finally decided that it was time to live her best life. And so, after giving her employer a generous year’s notice (and, smartly, herself time to plan), she took off on her adventure...and has never looked back. We can’t see her stopping anytime soon, either.


To grab some advice from this digital diva (and maybe some inspiration to change your life, too), check out the quick interview below:



(Yes, we already mentioned her the AngkorHUB sticker is missing on the laptop!)


Hope you enjoyed Tammy's short-story and have a look at her website at  or



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