Mobile Phone Survival Guide in Cambodia

Some useful information that we have cumulated for years for mobile operators in Cambodia. As expats or digital nomads, we think you will find a bunch of useful information here.


  • Off-net: When you call people with different mobile operator than yours
  • On-net: When you call a number of someone with the same operator

Check your own phone number

*99# Metfone / Cellcard
*887# Smart

Operators, the best plans for our connected world!


Traveller SIM are free (we have at AngkorHUB!), however, you cannot take all type of pre-paid plans.
The recommended plan is Smart ThomMorng available once you activate your sim card (just do a call), simply dial *1333# and you will receive an SMS confirmation. This is basically 10Gb of data that you will pay $1/week (auto-renew, keep credits!)





Metfone Cambodia Advertising

Background and "misleading" ads

Have you eve seen these things?  In clear, it means, within the same operator.

So basically, if you top-op $1 and get $333 (or now $666), and try to make a phone call (offnet), it will say you don't have enough balance.

From Smart Website "You can use your Smart ThomMorng! bonus balance for data, on-net calls and on-net SMS."

However, that's quite generous, $333 on-net means 8GB of Data and 8000 minutes of calls to on-net numbers, basically unlimited!

Smart Cmabodia Advertising


Call Prefix

Truth is if you call an off-net number, which takes a lot of your remaining credits "balance".

Often, companies are listing multiple phone numbers so you can choose the one in your network or choose the appropriate SIM if you have dual-sim.

Less often, they would put the operator name to make it easier.

Luckily, some amazing net-volunteers have added them, you can find the list of phone prefix by provinces on Wikipedia

But they are also here below as an easy graphic to keep handy.

BONUS: Turn off ads and spam!

Yes, your number can block all the spam from your operator, they don't tell you how, but we do!

Turn off ads on Smart Axiata (Cambodia)


Turn off ads on Metfone (Cambodia)

They seem to have replaced it

1700 2
1700 3

Turn off ads on Cellcard (Cambodia)


Information missing? Please tell us below!

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